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Colonial Court Apartments Tree Removal

July 15, 2021

The local Colonial Court Apartments in Hickory Hills had four trees, two very close to the buildings that were becoming a problem and 2 smaller ones that were dying. They called us to do a little tree removal, and all went very smoothly. I am sure everyone will be missing the trees for now but they are going to plant a few new trees in that location. It was a pretty straight forward job, the first big tree in the video just needed one large limb to be removed to allow for a straight drop, and the other large tree had plenty of clearance on its own. As always a good clean up is the key for great results! Call us for your tree service needs!

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Black Locust Removal in Palos Hills

July 11, 2021

This was a pretty easy but fun removal, I love cutting some Black Locust because it is one of the very best fire woods for producing heat. I had to climb up to take off a few limbs and tie the rope up high and then from there it was just a drop and chop! It had some back lean on the tree, towards the house, so we decided to go with the rope and persuade it the other way. We got a nice little video of the tree coming down, my pal Fernando driving the truck, and as I was making the cut, and just some simple communication between us to let him know when to pull more, and the tree was down. Safety is always the most important thing to us at Zephyr, so please do not try this without experience!

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Broken Tree Removal in Oak Lawn

May 7, 2021

This Bradford Pear split during a wind storm and cracked off very close to their garage. Luckily it didn’t cause much damage just a dent in the gutter but unfortunately it was blocking the car in the garage. We were able to get it cleared out for them the following day so they could get out and move on with life! Bradford Pear Trees have a tendency to branch out and create unstable splits in the tree and when the branches become too heavy, the split finally give away and the limb can snap. It was a pretty straightforward job and half of the job was already done! (Cutting it down). As always a great cleanup is the key to a job well done!

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Property Cleanup in Worth

April 23, 2021

This was a pretty easy job but wow what a difference in appearance. It was all just a lot of cutting and dragging but the house was pretty unmaintained for some years apparently and it was in need of some work. It’s amazing what a little tree removal and cleanup can do for your property. We had a lot of neighbors stopping by saying “wow”, must have heard that about 10 times during the job and its a great feeling to know your making a difference in the neighborhood! We take great pride in our work and care genuinely for the customer and trees, ensuring a great job every time. Mulberry Trees and other unwanted species can grow quickly and before you know it a small weed is now a tree growing and destroying your fence or other property. Call us today!

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Birch tree in Oak Lawn

April 13, 2021

This Birch Tree was very big and as is common with this type of tree it splits at the base and goes into all different directions. The main trunk that was over the house was really the only challenge here. We kept one trunk on the outside standing as a rigging point and tied on the trunk over the house, to support the weight. We tied it in two points the the truck to ensure it would swing the right direction, so when we made the cut the trunk swung 180 degrees away from the house and then lowered safely to the ground. It was a pretty amazing sight, unfortunately I didn’t get it on video! Always be careful when cutting limbs near houses and other structures, trees are very dangerous and accidents can happen any time very easily, with devastating results. Call Zephyr for a safe tree removal, done the right way!

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Pine Tree Removal at Byrd Elementary in Burbank

April 5, 2021

This pine was in the courtyard and it was quite tall and bushy. It was a little too tall to drop the entire thing within the courtyard so we had to climb up a little and cut it a little higher up. All around just another good day but this tree had such huge bushy branches it filled the dump truck two times. As usual we made sure to do a super nice clean up but especially for the kids since they will be returning from spring break soon. Any day picking up a chainsaw and cutting a tree is a good day!

Tree Removal in Bolingbrook

March 30, 2021

This Tree was becoming a nuisance for the homeowner and they decided they wanted it removed. The tree was between two driveways with basketball nets and close to the house as well. It was a fun job because it was mostly free drop but we had to aim each cut carefully. We dropped half to the left and half to the right and in no time we had all the tree branches on the ground. The customer wanted to keep a lot of wood for firewood so we stacked it up nicely in his yard. Cutting a tree down is always a decision you should think long about before doing it but if you choose to cut it down, at least you can get something useful from the tree. A nice stockpile of wood will heat your home for months or provide family entertainment in the yard with a nice fire. We also sell firewood so contact us if your interested in firewood delivery.

Tree Removal in Oak Lawn

March 23, 2021

This Mulberry Tree was pretty huge and right in between the fence. As per the norm, there are cable lines nearby and we had to rope everything off and pull it into the yard. It is a time-consuming process but its worth it to bring the branches down safely. As with most tree removals in a small yard, we have to cut them one by one. The customer is putting up a new fence and did not want to pay for stump grinding services so we got as low to the ground as we could where the fence will go. They are going to have to make sure to treat that Mulberry Tree stump with root killer or another herbicide so it doesn’t keep growing back.

Tree Trimming in Hometown

March 19, 2021

Today we had a large Mulberry Tree from over the neighbor’s fence which has become a nuisance. We did a fence line trim and took off a major limb. It is important to cut the limbs back to the trunk and keep it clean with no “stubs” sticking out. If properly cut it will greatly reduce the chances of regrowth of new branches in that spot. Just a perfect excuse to get up in a tree, do a little climbing and light rigging. It is very early in the season still, its a perfect time to get some work done before leaves start to grow. Call us or Contact us for a free estimate!

Tree Trimming in Chicago

March 16, 2021

This job we had some branches over the garage, and near the power lines. When in situations like this its important to take extra time putting the proper rigging techniques into place to safely bring down heavy branches without disturbing any structures below. With Zephyr Tree Service you can be assured your property will be treated as if it were our own with the utmost of respect. We treat every job equally and clean up all debris afterwords.

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