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Tree Removal in Oak Lawn

March 23, 2021

This Mulberry Tree was pretty huge and right in between the fence. As per the norm, there are cable lines nearby and we had to rope everything off and pull it into the yard. It is a time-consuming process but its worth it to bring the branches down safely. As with most tree removals in a small yard, we have to cut them one by one. The customer is putting up a new fence and did not want to pay for stump grinding services so we got as low to the ground as we could where the fence will go. They are going to have to make sure to treat that Mulberry Tree stump with root killer or another herbicide so it doesn’t keep growing back.

Tree Trimming in Hometown

March 19, 2021

Today we had a large Mulberry Tree from over the neighbor’s fence which has become a nuisance. We did a fence line trim and took off a major limb. It is important to cut the limbs back to the trunk and keep it clean with no “stubs” sticking out. If properly cut it will greatly reduce the chances of regrowth of new branches in that spot. Just a perfect excuse to get up in a tree, do a little climbing and light rigging. It is very early in the season still, its a perfect time to get some work done before leaves start to grow. Call us or Contact us for a free estimate!