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Tree Removal in Bolingbrook

March 30, 2021

This Tree was becoming a nuisance for the homeowner and they decided they wanted it removed. The tree was between two driveways with basketball nets and close to the house as well. It was a fun job because it was mostly free drop but we had to aim each cut carefully. We dropped half to the left and half to the right and in no time we had all the tree branches on the ground. The customer wanted to keep a lot of wood for firewood so we stacked it up nicely in his yard. Cutting a tree down is always a decision you should think long about before doing it but if you choose to cut it down, at least you can get something useful from the tree. A nice stockpile of wood will heat your home for months or provide family entertainment in the yard with a nice fire. We also sell firewood so contact us if your interested in firewood delivery.