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Tree Trimming in Palos Hills

March 15, 2021

There are a lot of reasons why generally tree topping or stub cutting is considered a bad idea, the branches just grow back very fast and in large numbers and are considered weak points in the tree. You can see the picture of the large tree that was recently cut and the branches grew back again. The customer decided (after paying twice to be cut) just to remove the tree. The Mulberry trees still provide privacy and shade but they were getting too tall and blocking the sun from the whole yard and pool so they will require maintenance to keep them.

Dead Ash Tree Removal in Palos Hills

March 12, 2021

This was an interesting job! The tree’s largest limb was over the house so it made for a tricky situation. We ended up going the route of least resistance, which was just to take off the branches that would hit anything on the ground, and with a well aimed cut, drop the rest into the space (just enough to fit). We ended up getting the tree to fall right where we wanted it and it was a pretty fun job! Dead trees always create a huge mess to clean up but we did a great clean-up as per the norm with every job and it looked fantastic! Another great day with Zephyr.